Leupold Mark 6 1-6x20mm M6C1 TMR (illum)

Leupold Mark 6 1-6x20mm M6C1 TMR (illum)
  • Manufacturer: Leupold
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 115045
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Price $1,869.95


SALE!  ONLY __ LEFT!  FOR LIMITED TIME, GET ONE OF THE FINEST TACTICAL SCOPES FOR A BARGAIN PRICE.  This same scope is sold by other major vendors for over $2200.  Brand new in unopened box!

This is our number one choice for a 5.56mm tactical scope.  It has also become one of the top choices for competitive shooters, particularly 3 gun shooters.  We could carry any scope made, but we don't because we believe this is one of the finest choices out there, and focusing on only a limited selection of top of line optics allows us to keep our prices lower.  Here's a summary why we like this scope so much:

- The optics are first tier...the glass is some of the finest you'll find anywhere. 
- Has a very good mil dot based reticle (TMR).
- The adjustments are small and feature-rich.
- The illumination is daytime bright.
- Has a 180 degree turn power ring with ample purchase and a nice locking diopter.
- Is very lightweight and has relatively small size.
- At 34mm, it has a largest tube available.     
- Comes with Leupold’s excellent warranty and reputation.
- It is one of the fastest optics in the class at close quarters.
- Comes with Leupold’s excellent warranty and reputation.

This scope has the very best combination of selectable magnification, very high end glass, light weight, relatively small size, ruggedness, speed, unobstructed view, red dot capability, first focal plane range assessment, and TMR accuracy.  The flexibility of a 1x through 6x power magnification range is very helpful for the variety of missions operators face today.  A scope with a true 1x setting (no magnification) is critical for Close Quarters Battle (CQB) where a large field of view (FOV) and rapid target acquisition is essential.   However, unlike other optics with only 1x, this scope allows the flexibility of up to 6x magnification with a simple twist of the power ring.  The higher power is very useful in more open terrain where the magnification helps with identification of potential threats and assists the shooter with more precise shots.   

Several notable mechanical/optical advances include the new mil-based ZeroLock™ windage and tactical features that are common throughout Leupold’s Tactical product line.  Based on the desires of those in the field, the scope was built with the "smaller, lighter, faster” design philosophy.  Elevation dials are low profile to prevent unintentional adjustment in the field and to provide a less obstruction of view, therefore providing better tactical awareness.  For a 1-6 power optic, this scope is relatively light and short while remaining very rugged.  The 34mm main tubes add strength and provide 130 MOA of elevation and windage adjustment.  Scope is available with different styles of ranging reticles located on the front focal plane (FFP), so the subtensions remain true at all magnifications.  

The First Focal Plane feature of this scope is also important for a combat shooter.  We get many questions about the "first vs. second focal plane", so here is a short explanation.  In variable-magnification  optics, the magnification setting for the use of the Mil Dot or TMR reticle is determined by whether the reticle is in the first or second focal plane.  First or "front" focal plane is preferred because various magnifications do not alter range estimating results, making range estimation easier and faster.  The easiest way to determine if the reticle is in the first focal plane is to view the reticle through the scope while changing the magnification setting.  If the size of the reticle appears to change size as the magnification setting is changed, the reticle is in the first focal plane.  If it does not appear to change size, it is in the second focal plane.  First focal plane scopes are more expensive and generally preferred by combat shooters because range estimation is so much faster....something very important for a combat optic.

In regards to reticles, our preference is the illuminated TMR (Tactical Milled Reticle) because the TMR uses a mil dot style framework that incorporates a milliradian based subtension scale for ranging known targets.  The TMR design improves upon the mil dot reticle by replacing the large dots of mil-dot reticles with thinner lines that improve accuracy.  In addition, the intersection of the crosshairs is left open, creating a small, clear aperture for increased precision at long ranges.  Many other reticle designs obscure the target at longer ranges.  We also prefer the TMR over Bullet Drop Compensator designs (reticle or knob) because BDCs are really only accurate for type of round, one muzzle velocity, one altitude, and one set of atmospheric conditions.  It is better to have a scope that can be used for any rifle without regard to caliber or bullet weight.  This is particularly important for units which may deploy with multiple types of rifles...a scope with a TMR reticle can be used on rifles with various barrel lengths and calibers (such as 5.56 or 7.62) without the confusion of having the wrong BDC for that particular rifle.  On others words, buy a mil based reticle, then learn the dope for the various rounds you fire and adjust your windage and elevation based on that.

The scope's 34mm tube is the largest diameter in common usage.  This large diameter allows the most light transmission and gives you the greatest field of view through the scope,  That light transmission is really helpful in low light scenarios (such as nighttime or cloudy day shooting) and makes a huge difference in being able to see the target, especially at longer ranges.  The larger tube also allows for a much greater windage and elevation range.        

 This scope is sold for over $2200 by most other vendors, so this price is a steal, and is offered for a limited time.  Scope comes brand new unopened in box factory sealed in shrink wrap.  


Above: Leupold Mark 6 1-6x20mm M6C1 TMR-D on HK MR556 mounted with Nightforce Ultralite MagMount Unimount 1.44" 0 MOA - A162.  

Xtended Twilight Lens System

Now your hunt can reach further into the twilight than ever before possible, with our exclusive new Xtended Twilight Lens System™. It goes a step further than even the Index Matched Lens System®, using Leupold’s® index matched glass with wavelength specific lens coatings designed to optimize the transmission of low-light wavelengths. When most scope manufacturers quote percentage of light transmission, they usually mean at 550 nm, the green wavelength where the human eye is most sensitive. The challenge is that in twilight conditions, green light disappears and blue/violet light takes over. Your eye is already handicapped when it comes to seeing the blue/violet spectrum, and if your scope is cutting too much of it out, soon you won’t be seeing anything. The Xtended Twilight Lens System places extra emphasis on matching coatings to glass indices to achieve the best possible transmission of the blue/violet spectrum, without sacrificing the color balanced light transmission across the visual spectrum of the Index Matched Lens System. When we combine that with superior computer-generated optical design, lead-free lenses of unsurpassed clarity and quality, and 100 years of manufacturing excellence, you have a scope that gives you the details of low-light scenes in greater definition and luminance than any other scope in the world.

DiamondCoat 2

Exterior lens surfaces are treated with DiamondCoat 2™, an ion-assist lens coating, for higher light transmission and the greatest level of abrasion resistance we’ve ever offered. DiamondCoat already exceeds military standards for hardness and durability. DiamondCoat 2 offers unsurpassed durability and will prove its worth in the wildest places on earth. DiamondCoat 2 has the additional advantage of assisting in light transmission, for greater brightness, clarity and contrast.

Front Focal Plane (FFP)

The reticle magnifies along with the image, so you can estimate range at all magnification settings. These reticles are ideal in tactical situations, yet also provide greater accuracy of range estimation for hunters and target shooters.


Actual Magnification 1.0 x 6.00 x
Linear Field of View (ft/100 yd) 105.80 ft 19.30 ft
Linear Field of View (m/100 m) 35.20 m 6.40 m
Eye Relief (in) 3.70 in 3.70 in
Eye Relief (mm) 94.00 mm 94.00 mm
Weight (oz) 17.00 oz
Weight (g) 482.00 g
Objective Clear Aperture (in) N/A
Objective Clear Aperture (mm) 20.00 mm
Elevation Adjustment Range 130.00 moa
Windage Adjustment Range 130.00 moa
A. Length 10.30 in
B. Tube Length 5.00 in
C. Illustration 2.40 in
D. Illustration 2.50 in
E. Eyepiece Length 3.20 in
F. Objective Length N/A
G. Objective Diameter 1.30 in
H. Eyepiece Diameter 1.70 in
K. Tube Diameter 1.34 in

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