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If we have the item in stock, it will ship within 5 business days.  But please note that some items may be shipped from our factory in order to provide you with the newest possible manufacture date. In such cases, we are dependent on the manufacturer for delivery times, with 3 weeks being typical (sometimes shipments may take 4-6 weeks due to surges in demand caused by holidays, world events, or government mass orders).  Please understand that this is done to provide you with the newest and most up to date item, particularly in the case of gas masks and gas mask filters.  We don't want to sell you a filter that has been sitting a warehouse for years, as some other retailers have been known to do.  

We do not accept ANY solicitation for website development, insurance, healthcare, or any other product or service not related to our products, the military, DHS, or law enforcement.  We also will not ship overseas to anyone, due to Federal ITAR regulations.  By purchasing from our website, you acknowledge that you will comply with all ITAR regulations.  


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