Vision Correction Assembly Ordering Info

Vision Correction Assembly Ordering Info
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  • Item #: 70501-155
  • Manufacturer: Avon Protection
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 70501-155
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This item must be ordered from Avon directly.  This link provided for information purposes to help our customers order the inserts from Avon (no other product is sold by Avon directly to customers).  Will fit all Avon Series masks (C50, FM50, FM53, etc).  Assembly allows prescription lenses to be fitted to 50 and 53-Series masks ranging from -8 to +10 Diopters in power. Flexible design allows assembly to fold inside mask. Lens height can be easily adjusted without special tools. For safety reasons, in case of extreme ballistic impact it is recommended that the Clear Outsert (70501-156) be worn with the 50 and 53-Series masks when wearing corrective lenses.  Once you have the assembly, simply take it to your eye doctors to have lenses made for it.  

The field-proven flexible design allows the Vision Correction Assembly to be folded inside the air purifying respirator.  Lens height can be quickly and easily adjusted by the user.

For added safety, it is recommended that the optional Avon Clear Outsert (#70501-156) be worn with 50 Series protective masks.

Why purchase Avon Vision Correction?

1) Contact lenses cannot be worn while using an air purifying respirator.

2)  Only Avon Vision Correction frames fit comfortably under our masks without 
temple arms breaking the critical seal.

3) The Avon frame is height-adjustable for a customized fit.

Order page link:

All the info you need is just need to click on the AVON 50 Series RX Insert.


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