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  • Item #: STP01A
  • Manufacturer: Avon Protection
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: STP01A
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STPAPR is designed for the FM53 mask, and is an optional module for the ST53 and ST53SD as well. The unit easily attaches via quick connect airline couplings and straps to position the unit alongside the air cylinder.  The addition of the ST-PAPR provides the additional levels of serviceability and comfort associated with powered air whilst still retaining the ability to switch INSTANTLY to the positive pressure SCBA mode when required.    

 The STPAPR has a remote on/off switch located on the mask hose connector enabling the ST- PAPR to be easily switched on and off. 

  • A speed selector provides a variable flow rate (approximately 125 Liters per minute at the lowest setting).
  • Lithium Sulfur Dioxide battery option with a minimum 7 hour battery life. 
  • Lithium Ion rechargeable battery option with a minimum 6 hour battery life. 
  • With the STPAPR the integrated CDV enables the user to switch instantly from powered air to positive pressure SCBA mode when required.
  • Incorporates two 40mm standard NATO thread filters.
  • Will NOT work with the FM50 or C50 masks.

The following are provided FREE as a courtesy to our customers.  The file format is .pdf, so you'll need Adobe Reader.  

ST-PAPR Operators Manual

ST-PAPR Data Sheet


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