FM50 Protective Hood Green For SML/MED Only

FM50 Protective Hood Green For SML/MED Only
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  • Item #: 71601-20
  • Manufacturer: Avon Protection
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 71601-20
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Price $695.00

Protective hood for FM50/M50 masks.  The hood is made from GoreTM barrier material and provides liquid agent resistance.  The design is low profile and can be stored on the mask for quick donning.  Green is only color available.  This hood is for the FM50/M50 mask only (there are no hoods available for the C50 mask).  

Note: This hood has been discontinued by Avon, so these are the only hoods available anywhere in the US that I am aware off. These hoods are unopened, sealed in original Avon packaging.  ONLY ONE REMAINING!  Maximum order of one (larger orders will be declined). 

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