C50 APR Assembly (Mask Only) SALE!

C50 APR Assembly (Mask Only) SALE!
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  • Item #: 70501-188
  • Manufacturer: Avon Protection
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 70501-188
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Price $399.95
12 or more $369.95 each

The Avon C50 Twin Port Mask, based on the Avon Protection JSGPM/M50 mask, has been developed to meet the respiratory protection needs of law enforcement, corrections officers, SWAT, and first responders.  

Mask includes: Mask, Faceform 72601-53, C50 User Manual 70501-84, and Storage Bag 71521-1.  No filters, outserts, etc. are included. To save money, you'll do much better ordering the C50 First Responder Kit, which includes more items at lower cost.  Link is here: http://agttactical.com/C50-First-Responder-Kit-SALE-For-A-Limited-Time-70501.htm We highly recommend the kit over just buying the mask.  The kit provides items that you really must have to preserve the life of your mask.  It includes two outserts which protect the mask lens from damage and scratches.  The mask should never be worn without an outsert, as once the mask lens is scratched, it can't be replaced.  The outserts prevent damage from occuring, and also add another laying of projectile protection for the eyes.  The kit also comes with an extra bag...the Universal Carrier...which allows users to store the mask on their waist or leg when not in use.  This protects the mask, and ensures it always readily available when needed.  The Universal Carrier also helps prevent the mask from becoming lost or misplaced, and frees up the user's hands.  Finally, the kit is cheaper than buying components individually.  

C50 options include a panoramic flexible visor, dark visor, Voice Projection Unit (VPU) with Microphone, EZ Air Unit, high-flow fail-safe hydration device, etc (sold separatly).  The C50 is NIOSH CBRN Cap 1 approved with the CBRNF12B filter and NIOSH 42 CFR 84 riot control CS-CN-P100 approved with the CTF12 filter (sold separately).  The C50 also meets the latest NATO military standards.  The filter side can be changed using Filter Mount Plug Tool (70501-161, not included).  Large Item Number: 70501-187, Medium Item Number: 70501-188, Small Item Number: 70501-189.

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