EZ Air NLM System

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Avon is rolling out a breath of fresh air with their new EZAIR.  The system takes the principals of filtration and evolves them to make breathing easier.  This technology comes at a critical time as officers grow weary of conventional filter systems due to lack of air flow and the ongoing issue of fogging.  The EZAIR system addresses these two concerns by increasing air flow to the system which helps prevent fogging and enables the operator to breathe easier.  Additionally, the weight of the filter is moved from the head to MOLLE equipment or plate carrier, making the mask far more comfortable.  Removing the filter from the mask to the the vest also improves the users field of view.  The crush resistant hose  is an integral part of the system .  The base unit is designed to attach to any M.O.L.L.E. based gear and almost any existing plate carrier.  Works with all FM53 and C50 masks.  Does NOT work with the FM50.  

EZ Air Product Manual

*Accepts standard 40mm STANAG connections for filters and hoses. 
*3 battery options that can be hot swapped in contaminated environments. 
*Runs for > 8 hours on a single battery pack (4xCR123 batteries, not included).  
*Low flow/battery alarm.
*Blower weight of only 225 grams.

*Includes: Blower, 36" butyl hose with fire resistant covering, blower carrier. 


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