FM53 Specialist Responder Kit Twinport

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THE FM53 IS ONE OF THE FINEST GAS MASKS ON THE PLANET.  The Avon FM53 mask was developed to meet the unique requirements of specialist end-users in the field, e.g. Special Warfare Units, Delta, Marine Corps SOC Units, etc.  

This item is the FM53 Twim Port Specialist Responder Kit...this is the FULL kit, not the stripped version missing the filters, outserts and other items that is offered by some other vendors.  

The kit includes:

- FM53 Mask Assembly
- Voice Project Unit w/ Microphone Assembly (72601-15)
- Faceform (72601-53)
- Storage Bag (72601-97)
- FM53 User Manual (72601-59)
- Plug Removal Tool (72601-57) (Twin Port Mask Only)
- Clear Outsert
- Blue Blocker Outsert 
- CBRNCF50 Filter
- CTCF50 Riot Agent Filter

The mask is an upgrade to the base unit U.S. M50/JSGPM (Joint Service General Purpose Mask), and provides maximum operational flexibility to counter multiple threat scenarios, including chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological (CBRN) agents, Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs), and Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMs).  The twin port design allows the user to utilize the mask in either a left hand or right hand configuration.  This aids individuals armed with rifles, such as SWAT or snipers, as the non-filter side of the mask allows for a better cheek weld.  The mask can be used with the EZAir System for the greatest comfort, increased air supply, better cooling, and lowest visorfog risk.  With the EZ Air mounted on the users belt or MOLLE vest, weight is removed from the face, and the Field of View is increased.  This mask can also be used with two filters to provide directly on the mask, and a spare on the EZ air.  Or just mount two filters on both sides of the mask.  The FM53 includes Integrated Voice Communications capability with internal microphone for both radio and voice projection unit use, and additional electronic passthrough for external radio use (unlike the C50 and FM50 masks, the voice comm unit is included with the FM53...C50, FM50 masks do not include comm units, and are sold separately).    

The FM53 mask is NIOSH-certified using Avon's recommended filters. 

In other words, NIOSH-certified filters will work with any NIOSH mask.  Avon's conformal filters (GPC50 or CSCF50) will only work with the FM53/C50 family of masks.  THIS SYSTEM COMES WITH THE NIOSH-CERTIFIED FILTERS, NOT the conformal filter depicted. 

Available in four sizes (XS, S, M, L) for customized protection to accommodate all operators.  About 80% of people use a Medium, so one benefit of buying a medium size is that it can be used with the widest variety of people (team members, family, etc.).  If you are think you are in between sizes, it is better to have a slightly smaller mask than one slighty too big, as you can still get a good seal on a slightly smaller mask but if the mask is too large, a good seal may not be possible.  Women or very small men tend to need a small, and very small women or teenage kids would likely need an extra small.  Very large men with large heads will need a large (you probably know if you have a large head!).  These are just general all cases, be sure to follow Avon instructions in regards to fitment and sizing (see owner's manual).  

Removable outserts are available to provide additional ballistic protection, comfortable operation in sunlight, and blue light filtration for sharper sighting.  

FM53 Competitive Comparison Chart

FM53 Key Features

FM53 Datasheet

Mask integrates with NFPA Class 2 and 3 suits.  

Note: conformal filters as depicted in the photo are NOT NIOSH certified, so are sold separately.  

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